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Safely operate cranes on assigned offshore rig of varying jib lengths, type and handling capacities to load, unload or move heavy materials, equipment to or from rig and supply boats. Carries out regular, routine maintenance and servicing work on the crane and associated hoisting equipment in accordance with approved procedures.

Supervisory Role:

Provides consistent safe leadership to assigned Roustabout and ensures that all work performed is in accordance with established operating limits of crane operations. Instructs a crew of Roustabouts to perform tasks such as sandblasting, scrapping, painting to ensure a  high standard of housekeeping is maintained on the rig.

Ensuring Loads are within Crane Capacity:

  • Operates various fixed diesel and electro-hydraulic rig pedestal cranes of varying jib lengths and lifting capacities to load, unload, move and stack various heavy materials such as machinery, equipment, tubular pipes, fuel baskets and food containers.

Ensures that loads are within crane capacity and carries out operations smoothly and in accordance with correct company and OEM operating procedures.

Regular Maintenance Checks:

  • Carries out regular maintenance checks based on PM system on all types of cranes on assigned rig. Includes general inspection, repair and lubrication of derrick, hoist ropes and sheaves, checking of slewing ring, boom connection pins, Safe load indicators and limit switches.
  • Checks pedestal on a regular basis to locate surface cracks, metal fatigue or strain.

Arranges follow-up maintenance on major items not within his capability to ensure that the crane is maintained in an optimum and safe working condition at all times. Reports deficiencies immediately to Barge Engineer and relevant trade.

New Cranes Onsite Inspection:

Carries out the on-site inspection of new cranes installed on assigned rig to ensure that they are in good working condition. Checks new slings and rigging upon arrival to ensure perfect working condition. Reports deficiencies immediately to Barge Engineer and relevant trade

Organizing Equipment for Operations:

  • Assists the Barge Engineer in organizing equipment on the Rig in such a manner as to ensure operational readiness.
  • Ensure that equipment used is properly certified.

Liaises with Barge Engineer to maintain stock of essential spares for assigned cranes, keeping appropriate records, and adhering to company safety regulations and procedures.

Preparing for Drilling Work Over:

Liaises with the Drilling crew with a view to preparing for different phases of drilling work over, this includes arranging tubular, tallying casings, drifting and measuring casings, etc.

Emergency Response Team Leader:

Acts as the Fire Team Leader for all fire-fighting activities on board and as a search and rescue team Leader for evacuating casualties from hazardous areas. as instructed by Barge Engineer.

Rig Moves Assistance:

Assist the Barge Engineer in servicing, checking overload discharges and, securing equipment in preparing the Rig for Rig move.

Assistance with Offloading/ Loading:

  • Assists the Rig staff with offloading and loading equipment from the helicopter.

Operate crane to assist the deck crew to receive and backload bulk cement, mud products diesel fuel, fresh water and drill water as directed by the  Barge Engineer.

Supervises Drilling Mud Preparation Activities:

Supervises a team of Roustabouts for preparing drilling mud. Activities include, mixing chemicals at mixing hopper, cleaning out mud pits in preparation of preparing mud, etc

HSE Responsibility:

Conducts all works activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner at all times by not taking on any task(s) that are perceived to be unsafe

Complies with the company QHSE Management system.

Reports all incidents or near misses to the supervisor/manager or QHSE representatives

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Preparatory (9 years’ education) plus Crane operator’s certificate.
  • Basic Knowledge of written and Clear spoken English.

 Minimum Experience:

  • 5 years’ experience in operations and maintenance of different types of platform Cranes.

 Job-Specific Skills:

  • Ability to handle Crane operating machines.
  • Physical coordination skills like operating hand levers and foot pedals.

Ability to work under difficult extreme weather conditions like heat and humidity.

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